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Viral hepatitis is a major global health threat. Each year, more than one million people die from hepatitis-related illnesses. Each year, three million people are newly infected.

The good news is that eliminating viral hepatitis is a goal we can achieve. We have inexpensive vaccines for hepatitis B, reliable diagnostics and effective treatments for hepatitis C.

Strategic policy changes and focused investments are the missing pieces of the jigsaw toward viral hepatitis elimination. Be part of the solution.

Be part of a community of funders, grantees and change-makers working towards a hepatitis-free world.

Why support The Hepatitis Fund 

We turn investments into impact. 

We serve as a collective platform for donor coordination.

We allocate resources based on operational excellence, careful impact assessment and best grant-making practices.

We leverage funds efficiently and effectively by taking a results-oriented approach with thorough monitoring and evaluation of every investment.

Engage with us to:

  • Identify gaps, opportunities and solutions to accelerate the elimination of viral hepatitis.  
  • Support our service-driven projects in Asia-Pacific and Africa.
  • Magnify our advocacy efforts.
  • Leverage our expertise in grant-making, monitoring and evaluation.  
  • Co-design and support partnerships and programmes dedicated to eliminating viral hepatitis.  

Be part of a community of funders and change-makers working towards a hepatitis-free world.   

To learn how you can support us, please contact our Fundraising Manager.