A journey in catalytic philanthropy

The Hepatitis Fund is the culminating result of a tripartite partnership dating back to 2008 between ZeShan Foundation, World Health Organization, and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The EndHep2030 project owes its existence to the late Mrs. Laura Chen, the then executive chair of ZeShan Foundation, who had the leadership vision of an international philanthropist to recognize hepatitis B as a major public health challenge that affects tens of millions of people throughout the world.

ZeShan Foundation was rightfully a trailblazer in urging its philanthropic peers to step up the challenge of viral hepatitis.  ZeShan Foundation started incubating the EndHep2030 project by providing not only operating and staff support but also making grants to various projects in developing countries.  With US CDC as a co-funding partner, ZeShan Foundation helped establish dedicated staff for hepatitis for WHO’s Western Pacific Region with a decade-long commitment in funding. 

It was during the first World Hepatitis Summit in Glasgow in September 2015, Glasgow Scotland that ZeShan Foundation initiated a conversation with US CDC Division of Viral Hepatitis and WHO Western Pacific region to explore setting up an international funding mechanism to support efforts in hepatitis elimination. With ZeShan Foundation’s seed funding, The Hepatitis Fund was finally registered in Geneva in late 2019.