Impact Report 2022

The year 2022 was one of consolidation for us at The Hepatitis Fund. We grew our team, expanded our activities and engaged with new partners. We made our voices heard at key gatherings to galvanize action towards hepatitis elimination. We broke down silos through new collaborations beyond the hepatitis field and focused on strengthening our partnerships, leading to several advocacy-driven activities to better integrate hepatitis within the global health architecture. 

Our first round of grants has been a success, delivering promising results that confirm our belief that catalytic investments are the key to achieving a positive impact. This has led to new partners and donors joining us: they are impressed by the clear investment case around hepatitis elimination and our key role in driving positive change. The tangible results of the programmes we fund show that by investing in viral hepatitis elimination, we can save lives, build resilient health systems and support economic growth.

The Hepatitis Fund 2022 highlights

Direct grant outcomes:

  • Health workers trained by our grantees: 580
  • Total number of clients screened HBV and HCV: 204,530
  • Total number of clients diagnosed with HBV and HCV: 30,360
  • Total number of clients receiving treatment: 19,183

Catalytic impact:

  • Seven National Strategic Plans developed: Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Nigeria,
    Peru, Sudan, Uganda, Vanuatu.
  • Nine investment cases made: Bangladesh, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Sudan, Uganda.
  • Four countries implemented new monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • Two countries introduced the HBV birth-dose vaccines for pregnant women
    living with HBV.
  • Pakistan expanded its viral hepatitis programme.
  • At least three recipient countries used our support to integrate some hepatitis
    elements into their Global Fund proposal in 2023.
  • Vietnam health insurance now reimburses outpatient confirmatory lab tests for HCV.


The Hepatitis Fund 2022 Impact Report The Hepatitis Fund

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