09.24.2018 / Business Today

Scientists create “golden eggs” that can treat cancer, hepatitis.

Japanese scientists at the Biomedical Research Institute at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology have created hens that can lay “golden eggs” containing a protein used to treat cancer and hepatitis. These scientists used new genome editing technology to create the hens that can lay multi-million pound golden eggs with high quantities of human interferon beta at a low cost.

09.20.2018 / Dove Press

Cost-effectiveness analysis of treatment timing considering the future entry of lower-cost generics for hepatitis C.

It is more cost effective to treat hepatitis C sooner rather than later, regardless of the stage of the disease, and despite the high cost of patented drugs. However, patented drugs are being produced globally for prices much lower than those seen in the UK. Therefore, negotiation of patented drug prices with pharmaceutical companies may be a crucial step in cost effective treatment of hepatitis C.

09.19.2018 / Greater Kashmir

A village in Pahalgam lives in dread of hepatitis C as 150 more people test positive.

The village of Wularhama, in Pahalgam, sits on the Bijbehara-Pahalgam road where complaints of illnesses related to hepatitis C had grown to an alarming level in recent times. At least 150 people in a remote village of Pahalgam have tested positive for hepatitis C in what has set alarm bells ringing in the health department that if measures are not taken to stop the spread of the infection, it could transmit to areas beyond the village.