Call for Proposals

Accelerating Action to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis

We thank all the organizations who submitted Letters of Intent and those who have been invited to  submit full proposals. As the deadline for Letters of Intent has passed, we are no longer accepting new proposals.

EndHep2030 will be partnering with innovative organizations to tackle the difficult, yet solvable, problems for reaching viral hepatitis elimination goals and preventing deaths associated with severe liver disease, including liver cancer.

As described in our updated Call for Proposals (CFP) document, for this inaugural set of catalytic grants, EndHep2030 will be supporting innovative approaches for accelerating the elimination of viral hepatitis with respect to one or both of the following tracks and specific challenges:

Track 1: Use of Data to Inform Planning and Financing

  • Harnessing the power of data to capture the attention of senior leaders and make the data easy to understand for key stakeholders so that they are moved to confront the burden of hepatitis.
  • Working with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance officials to develop a strategic approach to financing.

Track 2: Developing Programs to Deliver Services

  • Saving lives by promoting maternal, newborn, and child health
  • Identifying approaches for accelerating the testing of populations for hepatitis to identify those persons who have chronic infection and linking them to appropriate care

We expect approximately USD 4.2 million will be available for awards for both tracks combined:

  • For Track 1 project, we anticipate awards will not exceed USD 250,000 and will be limited to an 18-months grant period
  • For Track 2 projects, we anticipate awards will not exceed USD 1 million and will be limited to a 24-months grant period; preference will be given to projects serving populations in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa

We welcome applications from U.S. and non-U.S.-based organizations that:

  • Have demonstrated success in carrying out similar or related efforts
  • Have strong working relationships with host governments and other partners and/or a clear plan for developing and maintaining such relationships
  • Have an annual budget of at least twice the amount of grant funds requested and be in good financial standing [Updated]
  • Are able to fulfill required due diligence requirements
  • Are able to launch project activities within 90 days of receiving project funds

In assessing the merits of each proposal, we will consider the following criteria:

  • The organization’s demonstrated capability and capacity to carry out the project, including effective engagement of partners
  • The technical merit of the project, including the efficient use of resources
  • The potential impact of the project with respect to accelerating the elimination of viral hepatitis
  • How innovative, transformational, scalable, and sustainable the interventions are

A complete list of eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and additional details regarding the application process are available in our updated Call for Proposals document and associated questions and answers.

Please send any questions about the call for proposals or application process to