Eliminating Mother-to-Child Transmission of Viral Hepatitis B in Vietnam

Co-funded with Ville de Genève. 

PARTNER PATH, in collaboration with Nghe An Province CDC  – Co-funded with the Ville de Genève.


Demonstrate the impact of introducing screening & treatment of pregnant women within the Maternal & Child Healthcare (MHC) system as part of Vietnam’s 2030 triple elimination goal. 


The project will provide a hepatitis-free future to newborn babies in Nghe An, which is Vietnam’s largest province, located in the North Central Coast region of the country, with 3,547,247 people living in 21 districts. 

The project will aim to screen 90% of pregnant women receiving antenatal care, treat 80% of eligible pregnant women with Tenofovir (TDF) prophylaxis or treatment, and vaccinate up to 98% of newborns with the HBV birth dose vaccine at the project sites by end of the project life. 

Areas of implementation: Epidemiology, Screening and Testing, Human resources, Treatment and Cure, Policy and Advocacy, Biomedical Prevention 

Grant USD 327,000 for three years.

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