Together, we can end viral hepatitis.


We are the only grant-making organization dedicated exclusively to the mission of ending viral hepatitis.

With a limited lifespan to sunset in 2035, The Hepatitis Fund was conceived as a collective funding platform to mobilize public and private financial resources globally to accelerate
action to eliminate viral hepatitis as a major public health threat, for a hepatitis-free world for generations to come.





The latest news in viral hepatitis elimination.

  • It’s time to rid the world of viral hepatitis. Here’s how to do it. Read THF piece here. 
  • Towards a hepatitis-free future. Watch World Hepatitis Day 2020 High-Level Talk Show here.
  • The Hepatitis Fund announces 2020 grant recipients- Read the press release here.
  • WHO released a report demonstrating the role global health donors have in catalytic funding to achieve the goals of hepatitis elimination and Universal Health Coverage. Read the report here. 

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